IAB Advise- Checklist before going on a long journey

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From here onwards, the Indian Autos Blog team has decided to come up with useful tips regarding your car and related matters once every week. This we hope will help car owners around the world.

With our tips, you'll learn how to always do things in the right manner and be in the safest possible situation. Over the next few weeks, we'll cover topics related to driving.

What Should I Check Routinely Before A Long Drive?

  • Make sure that you are carrying all relevant documents concerning the car as well as your driving license.
  • Make a quick check on basics-  tire pressure, water in the radiator, fuel, etc; basics like these when ignored lead to disasters.
  • Always carry a spare wheel, toolbox, fan belt, hosepipe etc…you never know when and where the vehicle may breakdown.
  • Are the lights both front and back are functioning properly? no sense taking risks here.
  • The number plate should be clean and visible.
  • Now this may sound like the most basic stuff, but unfortunately it is generally ignored. Ensure that all doors are properly shut and locked. If your vehicle has a central locking system just snap it on.
  • Make sure that visibility through windows is high, soiled, grimy windows are a strict no-no.
  • Release the handbrake and check on the ammeter, voltmeter, temperature and fuel meters. Adjust the rear view mirrors
  • Ensure that there is nothing under the car. The area in front as well as behind the vehicle should be clutter free as far as possible.
  • Check on the brakes by pushing the brake peal firmly when you are at a speed of say 10kmph this will show whether the brakes are in shape or otherwise.

Is there anything else in the list which we missed out? Make it heard on the comments box below!

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