Car Accessories That Would Save You in an Emergency

25/03/2024 - 15:52 | Featured | IAB Team

In an attempt not to fill our cars with junk, many of us clear out everything but the bare essentials. But which accessories should you think twice about removing from your car?

Car Accessories Van Tyre Puncture

Marc Philips from RoadRunner Auto Transport highlights some key car accessories that will make any breakdown smoother - and might even save your life.

Portable Jump Starter

In the event of a dead battery, a portable jump starter becomes a lifeline on the road. Marc explains, ‘This compact device can store enough power to jump-start your vehicle multiple times after only a single charge. With no need for another vehicle, it provides a hassle-free solution to get you back on the road quickly, which is especially handy if you’re traveling in a remote area.’ Additionally, modern jump starters often come with USB ports, allowing you to charge your electronic devices in emergencies.

Emergency Tire Inflator

A flat tire can happen unexpectedly, but with an emergency tire inflator, you won’t be stranded. This small and lightweight air compressor plugs into your car's power outlet, swiftly inflating a deflated tire and allowing you to reach the nearest service station safely. Moreover, many models come with built-in pressure gauges, ensuring you inflate your tire to the correct level.

Compact Tool Kit

Making minor repairs and adjustments on the road becomes possible with a compact tool kit. This set of versatile tools includes screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and other essentials, ensuring you're equipped for unexpected roadside repairs. Marc adds, ‘A tool kit can also often be customized to include specific tools based on your vehicle's make and model.’

LED Emergency Flares

Enhancing your visibility during emergencies is crucial for safety. LED emergency flares, powered by batteries, provide a safe and effective alternative to traditional flares. They alert other drivers to your presence, allowing you to be seen in low-light conditions. Some models even come with multiple flash patterns to grab attention more effectively.

Multi-Tool and Knife

A multi-tool and knife offer versatility for various tasks on the road. Marc explains, ‘From cutting seat belts if you’re stuck after a crash to the much more mundane task of opening packages, this compact tool becomes indispensable in unexpected situations, providing a range of functionalities in a single device. Many multi-tools also include built-in flashlights, adding an extra layer of utility.’

Emergency Blanket

In cold weather, an emergency blanket provides both warmth and visibility. Compact and lightweight, these blankets reflect and retain body heat, which is crucial as your car’s heater will no longer be working. Their bright silver reflective surface doubles as a mirror that can reflect the sun or other light sources to signal to potential rescuers. Moreover, some emergency blankets are designed with waterproof materials, providing additional protection in adverse weather conditions.

Compact Shovel

A compact shovel proves invaluable when dealing with a vehicle stuck in snow, mud, or sand. Designed for easy storage in your trunk, this foldable and portable shovel ensures you're prepared to handle diverse roadside challenges. Some models come with adjustable handles, allowing for compact storage without compromising usability.

Reflective Vest

Visibility is key in emergencies, especially during low-light conditions. A reflective vest makes you easily noticeable to other drivers, ensuring you won’t be hit accidentally. Consider vests with adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Marc says, ‘Preparation is the cornerstone of turning potential dangers into manageable situations on the road. By equipping your vehicle with these essential car accessories, you not only enhance your safety but also ensure resilience in the face of unexpected challenges.’


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