BMW i3 EV Production Comes to an End After 8.5 Years

02/07/2022 - 15:35 | ,  ,   | IAB Team

An era is coming to an end at the BMW Group plant in Leipzig. The serial production of the BMW i3 is now to come to an end, some eight and a half years after it was launched. A source of inspiration, a driver of innovation, a pioneer of locally emission-free driving pleasure: The list of attributes that have accompanied the BMW Group’s first large-series production automobile with fully electric drive since its debut in 2013 is long.

250 000th Bmw I3 Together With The Bmw I3s Of The

The BMW i3 ends its production run with an impressive home run. Just a few days ago, the 250,000th unit of the compact e-vehicle was produced in Leipzig. This makes the BMW i3 the world’s most successful electric vehicle in the premium compact segment. And contrary to what might be expected for a model that is being phased out, its popularity did not wane as it matured.

The BMW i3 has been sold in more than 74 countries around the world. In many markets, it achieved a significantly higher market share in the electric vehicle segment than the BMW brand in the area of conventionally powered cars. It also succeeded in inspiring additional target groups in the premium mobility offers from BMW. In the early years, more than 80 per cent of all BMW i3 buyers were new customers for the BMW Group.

250 000th Bmw I3

On its home stretch, the BMW i3 once again showcases the elegant and extravagant side of its character that has already been the subject of several limited special models. The BMW i3s HomeRun Edition, was treated to a Frozen paint finish from BMW Individual for the first time. This premiere is associated with a maximum of exclusivity: Only ten units of the BMW i3s HomeRun Edition have been produced.

The production of the ten special models was a final highlight not only for the employees involved in its production at the BMW Group Plant Leipzig. Customers of the special models were able to witness the completion of the vehicles in the assembly hall for

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