Check out this beautifully restored 1987 Kelvinator Avanti 50

30/09/2018 - 09:00 | ,   | Suvil Susvirkar

While new motorcycles are fighting the horsepower battle that is aided by technological wizardry, some enthusiasts are trying to keep the retro times alive by restoring two-wheelers from the 70s and the 80s – a two-stroke Mini Bullet, for example, that we saw in near immaculate condition through a YouTube video.

Avanti 50 Moped Restored Right Side
The Avanti 50 two-stroke moped retains the factory design and even the paint. The restoration work to the internals brought it back to running condition.

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The latest to catch our attention was a beautifully restored, 1989 Kelvinator Avanti 50 moped that is owned by motoring enthusiast and IAB reader Vivek Muniyappa. The moped arrived in Vivek’s garage about three years ago and has undergone the restoration process.

The motorcycle was designed in Italy and manufactured in India.

The restoration process is still ongoing, and Vivek is currently working on further enhancing this beautiful, little moped from 1989. The moped, as told to us by Vivek, is on a factory setup, including the paint and all other hardware. The restoration work is being done on the internals. Vivek has already spent much time on restoring the internals to bring the moped in running condition.

The moped uses a 50cc, two-stroke Agrati Garelli VIP – 2 engine, running on standard pistons. The bore x stroke combination stood at 40mm x 39mm. The engine featured a two-speed automatic transmission. The first gear took care of the initial pick up while the second gear was engaged once the moped moved on speeds above 20 kmph.

In stock condition, the moped weighed just 54 kg (dry). It could store 3.75 litres of fuel. In case you run out of fuel, you could pedal yourself to the nearest gas station to top up the tank.

The moped could carry one person with a rear luggage rack for a small bag. It used a round headlight for illuminating the roads. With the absence of blinkers, the rider would have to give signals using his hands.

The tall set handlebar gave upright ergonomics that would also come handy when using the pedal power to propel the moped. Suspension setup included a conventional telescopic front suspension and twin-sided unit at the rear. Drum brakes on both ends provided stopping power while the moped rode on wire-spoke wheels.

Avanti 50 Moped Restored Left Rear Quarter Close Up
Ran out of petrol? Use the pedal power to travel to the nearest gas station for a refuel!

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Starting the moped was a long process. Check out the steps below (as mentioned in the owner’s manual):

  • Place bike on kickstand so that the rear wheel can spin freely.
  • Turn the fuel valve to the "ON" position.
  • Engage the choke lever located on the carburettor.
  • Turn the engine switch to "RUN".
  • Bring the left pedal to the top.
  • Turn the throttle grip about one-third open.
  • Pull the starting lever and hold in.
  • Place foot firmly on the pedal and push downward quickly.
  • Release the starting lever as soon as the pedal reaches the bottom.
  • Allow the engine to warm up for a few moments then turn the throttle fully open to release choke.
  • Apply brake on the rear wheel and, while the engine is running idle, put the moped down the stand.

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