Report - Basecamp launches two Caravans in India

18/10/2012 - 16:12 | Specials | Gaurav Malik

Basecamp has offered a one-stop shop for the all the travel and adventure related needs, and this festive season they've extended the range of offerings with Caravans in collaboration with three foreign companies i.e. HYMER, Dethleffs and Autohome.

Caravans Launched in India

Mr. Anish Goel, Managing director of Basecamp, launched two Caravan models in India this week. Even in India, the company has managed to sell over 600 caravans last year with the major buyers coming from the elite class and the Bollywood circle.

HYMER Sporting Style 465

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Caravan 1Caravan 4

The HYMER Sporting Style 465 is priced at Rs. 22 lakh (exclusive of taxes) and offers luxurious interiors and excellent comfort.

Dethleffs Newline 410tk

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Caravan 2Caravan 3

The Dethleffs Newline 410tk is priced at Rs. 16 lakh (exclusive of taxes) and is the low-priced variant with less luxury and space.

Both the Caravans are made out of lightweight material and offer tinted windows for heat insulation. They sit on branded BPW chassis and the suspension system includes a hydraulic arm for stable movement. A fully equipped kitchen with a 89L fridge and 3-burner hob with a 44L fresh water and 22L waste water (removable) tanks in place too.

The waste from the toilet is converted to a jelly form using a chemical to make disposing it off easier and to lock the smell too.

Roof-mounted Foldable Bed

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Caravan 5Caravan 6

The third option is the Autohome which is a roof-mounted foldable bed that allows aerodynamic shape while on the move and sleeping space for two when fully-open. As of now, no price has been  declared on the same but we will soon hear from the company again.

Caravans - Answering Frequently Asked Questions from Indians

Q - Can it be hitched to any car - is a normal toe hook sufficient for it?

A - Any SUV with an engine displacement of over 1.5L can tow the caravan. As for the hitch, the company provides the buyer with a customized hitch.

Q - What are the maintenance aspects of the Caravan?

A - There is no maintenance that needs to be done in the caravan apart from cleaning of the septic tank for which we will provide a liquid.

Q - What about the tire pressure and the top speed one can drive when the Caravan is hitched?

A - There is no pressure on the tires or the top speed when the caravan is towed.

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