B2B - When will you let go of your manual transmission car?

04/01/2013 - 17:25 | Bumper to Bumper | Shrawan Raja

Note - The references made to the drawbacks of an automatic transmission are from an average Indian car's perspective. Please think of i10, A-Star and cars from the affordable or popular segments when viewing this video.

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Automatic transmissions don't just negate the clutch and the gear, but try hard to keep tension and high blood pressure at bay while we fight for road space in city traffic everyday from home to work.

Automatic transmissions are almost the norm in developed countries, the manual transmission is heading towards extinction in some markets, but that market isn't India anytime in the near future.

With the slew of AT launches in India (please include the Maruti Dzire AT that I missed mentioning in the video), will the scenario change?

So the question is, why aren't you driving an automatic transmission car?

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