Analyzed - Nissan Micra tops 6 million units globally

24/06/2011 - 19:34 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

The Nissan Micra is a sales success for the Japanese company which was questioned for shifting the production site and making markedly different design changed during its introduction last year in March as the Nissan March in Thailand.

Nissan has been making the Micra/March ever since 1982 in convertible, sedan and hatchback forms. The latest model was introduced in India last year with a 3cyl petrol engine followed by the highly fuel efficient, no-turbo lag 1.5-liter diesel variant which we felt was the best city hatch in India for someone starting a family.

Nissan Micra black interior

Nissan announced that by the end of May 2011, it had made 6 million units of the fourth generation Micra (codenamed K13) globally. The Micra is produced in India, Thailand, China and Mexico and sold in over 70 countries.

An eye-catching city hatch, it is a worthy upgrade to cars like the Chevrolet Beat and Suzuki A-Star (Alto) globally but sales hasn't been very impressive in India. Nissan will hope to build a stronger dealer network and roll out more marketing initiatives to catch up with the competition.

Nissan has been testing the Micra in Brazil and America. During the media presentation in Chennai last year, one Japanese official told IAB that if the Nissan was to be ever sell it in USA it needed better rear seats, bigger tires and a bigger petrol engine. An automatic transmission is another must. Nissan has introduced the sedan (Sunny) in America and there is talk that it could complement the hatch to the line-up.

DNA of the Micra

1) Easy to drive and park
2) Reliability
3) User Friendliness

Target customer of Micra

Young, urban, eco friendly and values social affirmation

The new Micra will be on sale in another 90 markets bringing the grand total to 160. The time frame for the global expansion is not clear but by the end of 2013, this must be achieved.

Old Micra vs New Micra

Nissan Micra vs Rivals

Tsuyoshi Kobayashi, the Micra/March’s chief vehicle engineer -

Six million units sold tell us the Micra/March has a track record of success. With over 28 years’ experience producing compact cars, we want our customers to enjoy the maximum value of the new Nissan Micra/March together with its new technologies. With the newly-developed V-platform shared between two new models being produced, reduced vehicle weight and new aerodynamics have contributed to fuel economy performance that is among the best in its class

Nissan will also bring out the third model from the V-Platform, a compact MPV (code - J02C) that will replace the Note overseas. Measuring a touch over 4m long with tight overhangs, this model can be manufactured in Chennai in the next two years the probability of being launched here is low.

The spacious NV200 is a more practical choice to make the right impression to the Innova customer with the 1.5-liter diesel engine. The V-Platform MPV is anticipated to be more stylish than the NV200 but with less interior space.

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