Cargo Cycle 2020 - Designer envisions traffic combating delivery vehicle

22/11/2011 - 05:32 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

The Indian market is being flooded with pickups, trikes and all kinds of commercial vehicles designed to meet every kind of operator's need. Such vehicles are utilitarian putting function over form.

Richard Tomaino Cargo Cycle 2020 designRichard Tomaino Cargo Cycle 2020

Designer Richard Tomaino has tasked design with lending a breathe of fresh air to the budget load carrier. His three-wheeler dubbed Cargo Cycle delivers goods on time and uses space efficiently. For a jam packed Mumbai street, the Cargo Cycle with an exchangeable fiber glass loading tub, the hull gait shaped to hold the goods in place during cornering and hard braking has a top speed of just 70kph.

Tomaino uses low-cost materials such as high strength tubular steel extrusions to build this vehicle. The vehicle's saffron color connotes the pulsating harvest season of India. The wheel rims reflect the personality of the vehicle.

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