3-wheeled Auto Rickshaw modded with Tata Nano doors

04/05/2017 - 13:17 | ,   | Aravind Jayachandran

The only question to arise from all this: why?

Usually we come across modded cars that try to emulate the look of a more expensive luxury car; for instance, a TUV300 that's customised to look like a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a Force Gurkha turned into a Mercedes G Wagen (which actually does look pretty good), and a Maruti Swift turned into a Nissan GT-R.

3-wheel Auto Rickshaw modded to look like a Tata Nano side

The newest of such modded vehicles is probably the wildest one we've come across. A member of the Facebook Group 4x4 India has posted images of a 3-wheel Auto Rickshaw that has been modified to incorporate the rear half of a Tata Nano, complete with doors, rear windshield, taillamps and bumpers. The front end has been glorified with chrome and panels, although it still retains the familiar auto rickshaw look.

3-wheel Auto Rickshaw modded to look like a Tata Nano rear

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The whole exterior is finished in a matte blue colour contrasted by a matte black roof and pillars. The modifier tries to give it an SUV look by installing roof rails, side boards, bumper guards and, the most hilarious of them all, stuck a bright chrome rim on the tailgate. For Bling yo!

And you know something is off-road ready when it has a sticker saying "off-road racing" on the side profile!

[Source: 4x4 India]

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