Ford Everest Concept vs 2015 Ford Endeavour/Everest - Concept vs Reality

29/12/2014 - 13:49 | ,   | Paranjay Dutt

More often than not, car makers are criticized for toning down their production versions a bit too much. So basically what looks great as a concept fails to do so when it's realised. But things aren't bad in case of the new 2015 Ford Endeavour (Ford Everest for international markets).

Ford revealed the Everest Concept last year to showcase the next-generation version of the Endeavour. It followed that with a public premiere at the Bangkok Motor Show this year.

2015 Ford Endeavour vs Ford Everest concept front three quarters concept vs reality
The production version of the Endeavour retains the good looks of the concept.

In terms of the overall design, it's very difficult (impossible, actually) to differentiate between the two. The front end continues with an imposing grille, surrounded by smaller, and stylish headlamps. The skid plate extends and provides housing for the foglamps, which gives a nice dual-tone look up front.

At the sides, it's still a huge SUV and sits quite high with ground clearance measured at 225 mm. As for changes from the concept, there are none to be found. The chrome appliques, the alloys, and even the final character lines are the same. And the story continues at the rear with identical designs on both the vehicles.

2015 Ford Endeavour vs Ford Everest Concept concept vs reality rear three quarters
The 2015 Ford Endeavour is expected to be launched in India next year.

Much like the front, the rear bumper gets a dual tone treatment while the skid plate extension is present here, too. The chrome garnish above the license plate has 'Everest' embossed on it, much like the concept, but expect 'Endeavour' branding on it when the vehicle comes to India next year. The windscreen gets a nice extension on the C-pillar giving it a faux wraparound look.

Ford will launch three new products in 2015, and the new Endeavour will be one of them. It remains to be seen how well the new, fresh-looking Endeavour performs in the market considering Toyota is readying the new Fortuner for a launch next year (in the markets abroad). The Fortuner is expected to reach India in 2016 which should be a few months after the Endeavour is launched here, and that can give Ford a head start.

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