1st September in Automotive history

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September 1, 1950: First Porsche completed

A new chapter in Porsche history began today, with the company's return to Zuffenhausen, Germany, and the completion of the first Porsche. The first car to bear the Porsche name had actually been built two years earlier by Ferry Porsche and his design team, but this Porsche was the first car to boast a Porsche-made engine. Porsche became an independent automobile manufacturer during this year and soon sealed its success with a stunning victory at Le Mans in 1951.

September 1, 1989: Law requiring air bags passed

The federal government passed new car safety legislation on this day, requiring all newly manufactured cars to install an air bag on the driver's side. While air bags have proven to be life saving in many cases, there are few concerns to worry about the safety of airbag itself. There are many instances in which small children were seriously injured or killed by an air bag caused a public clamor for further investigation of the devices, which can explode out of the dashboard at up to 200mph. Air bags are still installed in all newly manufactured models.

September 1, 1989: Toyota launches lexus

The first Lexus was sold on this day, launching Toyota's new luxury division. However, Lexus story had begun six years earlier in a top secret meeting of Toyota's elite.

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