Why Mercedes is Investing Over €1.3 Billion in its Employees

11/07/2022 - 13:10 | Mercedes-Benz,   | IAB Team

In a recent press release, Mercedes-Benz announced that it is going to invest over €1.3 billion in the qualifications of its employees. Here's what's happening.

Mercedes Benz Investment Employees

Electrification and digitalisation are fundamentally changing the world of work. The transformation will lead to further development of all job profiles at Mercedes-Benz. The company is therefore putting lifelong learning and continuing education for employees at the centre of sustainable personnel development.

In Germany alone, Mercedes-Benz will invest more than €1.3 billion in the qualification, training and continuing education of its employees by 2030.

Digital e-learning platforms

Digital e-learning platforms usually offer several thousand online courses for almost all specialist units. The offer includes, for example, subject areas such as software, data science and cloud computing, the teaching of general business know-how and presentation techniques as well as agile working methods. The learning content can be used at any time and is packaged in compact units – often in the form of video tutorials, digital learning cards or online exercises.

Mercedes Benz Western Indias 1st Mar 2020 Service

Customized learning paths

Mercedes-Benz will place particular emphasis on qualifications that are crucial for the successful implementation of the company’s sustainable business strategy and digitalisation. For example, specific, preconfigured learning paths, such as data scientist or data architect, are defined for the data workers. These learning paths can be individually supplemented and adapted. To ensure learning paths are as individualized as possible and learning platforms are used efficiently Artificial Intelligence will be used in the future.

In addition to the needs-based qualification of employees, Mercedes-Benz also relies on targeted recruiting of new talents who have the appropriate skills. With its revised job portfolio for vocational training and the Cooperative State University, Mercedes-Benz is focusing early on the skills and qualifications that will be needed in the future. The company offers future-oriented apprenticeships for professions such as IT specialist or the new dual course of study on embedded systems, which combines engineering and IT.

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