White rules the roost as most popular car colour globally - IAB Report

10/12/2014 - 13:00 | ,   | Jayashankar Menon

Silver ranked lower this year. 

A study conducted by PPG Industries, manufacturers of transportation coatings revealed that white remained the most popular car colour in the world.

Car color trends in 2014
In all markets, white takes the precedence over other colors.

The global data, 2014 Automotive Build Data said while white topped the list with a 3% increase than the previous year to 28%, black was the second most popular paint colour with 18% followed by gray and silver sharing the third spot with 13%. However, silver got dropped by 7% over the last two years.

When it came to regional trend highlights from 2014, in Asia Pacific, white is still the most popular colour with 31%, black with 20% and silver with 12%. White remained most popular in Europe as well with 25%, black with 15% and gray with 14% and natural shades lie yellow, orange, brown, beige and gold are gain ground with 12%.

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With 23%, white dominated the North American market, black with 18%, gray with 16% and silver with 15%, while again white showed its supremacy in South America along with silver with 32%, black 13%, gray 11%, red 8% and blue with 2%.

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