What an Adventure! Dacia Jogger Celebrates 1 Year in the UK Car Market

29/03/2023 - 14:31 | Dacia,   | IAB Team

Dacia UK is celebrating 12 months of the Dacia Jogger shaking up the car market. In the space of a year since launch, the versatile seven-seater has introduced the nation’s car buyers to a whole new concept of a family car, won eight awards, formed the basis for the brand’s first-ever hybrid, become the UK’s only new Wheelchair Accessible Car, and literally given customers the option to enjoy a good night’s sleep!

Dacia Jogger Front

Completely unique in the family car segment, the Dacia Jogger has quickly gathered momentum. Over 100,000 have now been produced in Dacia’s historical plant in Mioveni, Romania. The 100,000th vehicle was a seven-seat Jogger HYBRID 140 Extreme in Dusty Khaki.

With over 6,000 UK sales since its launch in March 2022, the previous range-topping Extreme SE trim level has resonated most with the nation’s car buyers, accounting for more than 62% of sales and reaffirming that Dacia customers favour the most generously equipped variants.

Dacia Jogger Uk

The Jogger’s impact has spanned the length and breadth of the UK, too. Lanarkshire car buyers have purchased the most, with those in Essex and Glamorgan following close behind. Several have also found new homes as far afield as the Channel Isles, Shetland Islands and the Orkney Islands.

Another first, and underlining its unrivalled versatility, is that Jogger is currently the UK’s only new Wheelchair Accessible Car. The platform allowed Sirus Automotive to develop an innovative and unique offering that delivers levels of space usually reserved for van-based conversions, providing accommodation for up to six people, including one wheelchair passenger.

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