9 ways to keep your car looking new even after years of ownership

01/03/2019 - 15:00 | ,   | Yatharth Chauhan

There's no denying that your car looks the best when it has just rolled off the showroom. With time, however, various elements of nature and human factors like poor maintenance take a toll on its visual appeal. But keeping your car look shiny isn't a very tough job. Here are 9 ways to make your vehicle look new even after years of use -

Always use microfibre for cleaning

Car Cleaning Cloth

Always make sure that you clean your car only using a microfibre cloth. A microfibre towel is softer than any other piece of fabric and even soaks water faster. More importantly, as it is softer, it can help you prevent any sort of swirl marks on your car's bodywork. Finally, make it a point that the cloth you use is devoid of dirt.

Never use a dry cloth

Always make sure that the cloth you use to clean your car isn't in a dry state. Many car owners wipe a dirty car using a piece of dry cloth, which is a pretty bad thing to do. The dust particles on your car's body get dragged around with the fabric, thereby causing scratches and swirl marks. This, in turn, makes the paintwork lose its sheen. Therefore, use a damp cloth to clean your car.

Use Paint Protection Film

A paint protection film (PPF) is a kind of lamination that can be applied to your car's sheetmetal. This is highly advisable if you use your vehicle frequently on the highways. If nothing else, the PPF should be applied at least to your car's hood and the bumpers. We say so as it is quite tough to match the paint finish of the bonnet when you get it repaired even after it sustains minor damage. Moreover, the bumpers easily get damaged on the congested streets and hence, protecting them from minor scratches is essential. To ensure that your car continues to look good even after years of use, apply a paint protection film soon after buying it.

Never cover a dirty car

Ford Figo car cover

If you put a cover on a dirty car, the fabric drags around the dust particles, thereby scratching the paintwork. Basically, it's the same as cleaning your car with a dry cloth. Hence, make sure your car is clean before you decide to put a cover on it.

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Cover car when parked for long

Many car owners do not have covered parking places. For them, it's essential to keep the car covered before leaving it parked for a long time. Harsh sunlight tends to rob the paintwork off its sheen and hence, a car cover can easily keep your car protected. Again, make sure you have cleaned the car properly before putting it under the cover.

Use a Good Car Shampoo

Good Car Shampoo

While it's not recommended to use a car shampoo frequently, using it to clean your car once a month can help you maintain the original shine of the paint. Also, make sure only good shampoo is used. Some people are known to use hair shampoos or even a cloth detergent to clean their car, which is a pretty bad practice as it can easily damage the paintwork. Moreover, ensure the exterior of the car is in a wet state before you start applying the shampoo to it.

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Use Professional Detailing Services

While many car owners use a polish to maintain their car's shine, it's better to use professional detailing services. Moreover, frequent polishing can harm to your car's paintwork instead of benefitting it. Therefore, one should visit a detailing expert once a year or once in six months to get the car thoroughly polished. This helps you protect the clear coat on your car, thereby keeping your car safe from minor scratches.

Top-down Cleaning Approach

Always use the top-down approach to clean the car. The reason for this is that generally, it's the bumpers and the lowest parts of your vehicle that are the dirtiest. If you clean the lower-most parts of your car first, the cloth might get too greasy and using it to clean the upper portions can do more harm than good. While you can even use multiple clothes for the job, it's still advisable to play it safe and use the top-down approach for best results.

Try to avoid tree sap and bird droppings

Tree Sap On Car

While parking under a tree can help you avoid the bad effects of the sunlight, make sure that any sort of tree sap or bird droppings are immediately cleaned. When left on the bodywork for long, they can cause permanent damage to the paint finish. Even the fresh tar, which tends to stick to your car when driving over a freshly paved road, should be cleaned immediately after getting noticed.

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