Volvo Tests Hydrogen-Powered Electric Trucks on Public Roads

08/05/2023 - 17:13 | Commercial Vehicles,  ,  ,   | IAB Team

After showcasing the fuel-cell electric trucks for the first time last year, Volvo has now tested the hydrogen-powered electric trucks on public roads for the first time. These gigantic machines are capable of producing their own electricity hence they have a much larger range.

Volvo Hydrogen Powered Electric Truck Testing

Now, the trucks have been tested on public roads for the first time. But not just any public road. To make it extra-challenging, the tests have been conducted above the Arctic Circle in the north of Sweden – in an extremely cold climate.

Fuel cell electric trucks powered by hydrogen will be especially suitable for longer distances and when using only batteries isn’t an option: for example, in rural areas with no charging infrastructure.

Volvo Hydrogen Powered Electric Truck Testing Left

Volvo currently offers the industry´s broadest product line-up of battery electric trucks, with six models in series production, catering to a very wide variety of transports in and between cities. The fuel cell electric trucks will be available in the second half of this decade. Tests with hauliers will start a few years before the commercial launch. To speed up the development, Volvo Group has joined forces with Daimler to develop and produce fuel cell systems that are tailor-made for heavy-duty vehicles.

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