Volvo Retailers to Get Automated Vehicle-Inspection Technology

13/03/2022 - 18:10 | ,  ,   | IAB Team

Volvo Car USA is rolling out a new program to equip U.S. retailers with automated vehicle-inspection systems that aim to improve customer satisfaction and business efficiencies to further strengthen the Swedish automaker’s reputation for product quality and safety.

Volvo Automated Vehicle Inspection Technology

High-speed, camera-based systems from Israel-based UVeye utilize artificial-intelligence and machine-learning technologies to check tires, underbody components and vehicle exteriors for defects, missing parts and other safety-related issues.

This automated vehicle inspection process takes seconds to complete and is significantly faster than time-consuming manual inspections, according to Rick Bryant, the vice president for sales operations at Volvo Car USA. This helps give retailers the ability to valuate trade-ins quickly, and cost-effectively, as well as check the condition of customer cars coming in for service.

Volvo Automated Vehicle Inspection Technology 1

The Volvo Car USA program is being launched at select retailers on the East Coast. The company ultimately hopes a majority of its more than 280 independent retail locations in the U.S. will install the new automated vehicle-inspection systems.

UVeye and Volvo Cars have collaborated since 2019 when the automaker became a strategic investor in the company through the Volvo Cars Tech Fund. Since then, Volvo Cars also has installed UVeye body-inspection scanners on its assembly lines for quality assurance.

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