Volvo FH16 Truck to Use New 17-Litre 3800 Nm Engine

31/01/2024 - 11:05 | Volvo CV,   | IAB Team

Volvo Trucks is introducing a new engine for its iconic FH16 truck. With up to 780 Hp and 3800 Nm, the new 17-litre engine can handle the toughest transport assignments with ease, while delivering outstanding fuel efficiency and durability. The new engine is certified to run on biofuels.

Volvo Fh16 Truck Front On Road

Driving continuously at high speeds with heavy loads can be a challenge – but not with Volvo’s new 17-litre Euro 6 engine powering its FH16 truck. Developed to take on the most demanding transport assignments, the new engine comes with three power levels; 600 hp, 700 hp and 780 hp. Torque levels have been increased to 3000 Nm, 3400 Nm and 3800 Nm in the top version. The higher power and torque levels translate into faster engine response, better driveability, maximum productivity and improved fuel efficiency.

The D17 engine is equipped with a single efficient turbocharger that boosts engine responsiveness and improves the driving experience. Volvo’s innovative patented wave piston design optimizes combustion and reduces emissions, while the new injection system ensures the best fuel economy, and the increased peak cylinder pressure enables high power output.

Volvo Fh16 Truck New Engine 2

The engine brake power across the entire speed range has been greatly improved with outstanding engine response. This enables fast gearshifts and results in less wear and tear on the brake pads and disc brakes, while being more efficient going downhill.

Sales start for the Volvo FH16 with the new engine is in mid-2024. Production start is due in the second half of 2024. The new engine is available in the all-new Volvo FH16 Aero and the latest version of the Volvo FH16.

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