Valvoline Advanced Coolant Offers 5 Years/5 Lakh km of Service Life

29/07/2022 - 16:15 | ,   | IAB Team

The Valvoline Advanced Coolant is a glycol-based full-antifreeze coolant for all cars and commercial vehicles. Considering the changing dynamics and evolving technology, the innovative product from Valvoline is incorporated with OAT technology with the globally proven performance, which provides 5 years or up to 5,00,000 Kms of service life/drain interval.

Volvoline Advanced Coolant 3l Pack Shot 1

Coming from the legacy of 150 years of bringing innovative and relevant products to the consumers, this new coolant from Valvoline is backwards compatible with all cooling systems using OAT coolants providing superior protection in extreme hot and cold climate conditions.

Indian climates can be extremely hard-hitting on cars, and the pollution can cause engines to wear down much before time, while the water can cause rust and deposits. Valvoline's Advanced Coolant non-depleting Organic-Acid Technology enhances engine life with the help of its ethylene glycol-based formulation that safeguards the engine inside-out.

Volvoline Advanced Coolant 1l Pack Shot

The product is ideal for both extreme hot and cold climate conditions providing protection from overheating and freezing weather to keep your engine smooth and running. It also defends engines against corrosion, rust, deposit, and liner pitting and can withstand hardness of up to 700 ppm making it resistant to Indian water.

Valvoline has always worked toward creating innovative products ready for the technologies of the future. Following OEM guidelines, the product abides by ASTM D6210, ASTM D3306, JIS K 2234, CES 14603, and the specifications of many other OEMs.

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