10 unconventional but REALLY USEFUL car accessories

25/09/2018 - 12:14 | ,   | Yatharth Chauhan

Most car owners in India opt to install accessories on their vehicles. Many affordable but highly useful accessories can enhance the ownership experience. In this post, we’ll have a look at ten somewhat unusual but low-priced car accessories that are very useful. We recommend readers check the legality of these devices in their locations before ordering.

List of unusual but highly helpful car accessories

Air ioniser

Car Accessories Air Ionizer
Price: INR 345 – INR 6,737

Thanks to the fast-rising levels of air pollution in metro cities, road users are prone to respiratory diseases. It’s not uncommon to see people switching on air purifiers in their residences and office spaces the moment they get there. Many air ionisers and purifiers that can help you breathe fresher air costs as less as INR 345. Even the more sophisticated models don’t cost above INR 7,000.

LED wheel lights with tyre pressure monitor

Led Wheel Lights With Tyre Pressure Monitor
Price: INR 699

This is one really affordable car accessory that not only helps you enhance the looks of your car but also lets you monitor the tyre pressure. These lights are installed on the top of the tyre valves and give the car’s wheels an attractive glow when they are in motion.

Solar fan

Car Accessories Solar Fan
Price - INR 322

From global warming, most parts of India are recording very high temperature in every season. On a hot, sunny day, a car’s cabin can heat up excessively. Hence, even the most potent air conditioners with the biggest compressors take time to cool the cabin. Fortunately, there’s an accessory that keeps your car cool even when it’s parked. Installing a solar-powered fan that fixes on the window glass helps the hot air to escape the cabin and let the cooler air come in. Using this accessory, you can keep your car’s cabin cool even when it’s parked directly under the sun.

Solar sunshade

Car Accessories Sun Shade
Price - Up to INR 10,000

A solar sun shade is an umbrella for your car. It’s a handy accessory for all those who need to park their car in the open. Unfortunately, it’s not very easy to find one of these in India and another problem with this is that you’ll have to order in bulk. Still, a smart way is to buy multiple units of this accessory and convince your friends to buy the extra units from you.

Anti-gravity Battery

Car Accessories Anti Gravity Battery
Price - INR 9,000

Having a drained battery in the middle of nowhere is a nightmare that every car owner dreads. An anti-gravity battery costs approximately INR 9,000 and lets you jump start your car. It can even charge your laptop, iPads, and smartphones.

LED signboards

Car Accessories Led Signboard
Price - INR 4,000 - 7,000

This one’s a must-have for those who drive in a group or event organizers. Using this accessory, you can display messages to your friends in other cars. The messages displayed by these signboards are programmable. This accessory can be run through a 12V power socket of your car.

Portable Cooker - Price: INR 6,561

Car Accessories Portable Cooker
Price - Rs 6,561

This is a handy accessory for all those who leave home early and want to eat healthy. The portable cooker can be run through a 12V power socket.

Smartphone HUD

Car Accessories Smartphone Hud
Price - INR 2,500

One doesn’t need a high-end car to have a HUD. You can just use your smartphone to this accessory and benefit from the services of a typical HUD. You can even have the navigation details projected on your windscreen.

Anti Glare

Car Accessories Anti Glare
Price - INR 199

A high percentage of Indian drivers have a terrible habit of unnecessarily using the high beam, which gets irritating for the driver of the oncoming vehicles. Installing an anti-glare device up your visor works as a reflective screen that prevents the high beam of the oncoming cars to irritate your eyes.

Laser lamps

Car Accessories Laser Light
Price - INR 200

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This is a highly beneficial accessory in low-light conditions. Basically, the brake lights of your car also work as laser light to help the driver behind you maintain a safe distance from your vehicle.

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