TYRE PROTECTOR Pune ties up with B.U. Bhandari Group, one of Pune's oldest dealers

26/01/2017 - 20:14 | ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

TYRE PROTECTOR is the first tire sealant in India to be tested successfully by ARAI.

Tyre Protector has tied up with the B.U. Bhandari Group for their Volkswagen and Triumph dealerships in Pune. Tyre Protector is the only puncture sealant in India to have been tested successfully by ARAI and which gives a written performance warranty.

Tyre protector connecting to hose review
TYRE PROTECTOR is installed inside the wheel through the tyre valve, and as the wheel rotates the gel is distributed evenly, lining the tire’s tread area.

A tested product with proven technology that has global reputation, and that at an affordable price, Tyre Protector is now available in many cities across India and has thousands of happy customers.

Designed for all vehicles with tubeless tyres, Tyre Protector applies a protective coating to your tire, guarding against punctures. It’s a one-time installation and offers lifetime protection.

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B. U. Bhandari is one of the oldest and established business houses in Pune for over 9 decades, and a leading Authorized Dealer of Volkswagen and many other auto brands there. It was awarded the prestigious “Diamond Pin" in 2016, which recognises the top 60 Volkswagen dealerships around the globe.

B.U. Bhandari is pleased with their customer's positive feedback after installing Tyre Protector in their Vehicles.

[Listen to a Harley Davidson customer speak about his experience with TYRE PROTECTOR]

Other tie-ups for Tyre Protector in Pune include Two River Harley Davidson, KTM Aadiveno, Sumankirti Maruti Suzuki, Dream Suzuki, Aprilia, Vespa and Moto Guzzi.

The contact for the Pune installations is 9730825283 / 9011016853.

For more information check head to www.tyreprotector.co.in or facebook page Tyreprotector India.

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