Toyota Wins Golden Peacock Award for Energy Efficiency in 2021

10/01/2022 - 19:50 | Toyota,   | IAB Team

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) was recently honoured with the prestigious “Golden Peacock Award for Energy Efficiency” for the year 2021, as a testament to the efforts of the company for sustainable and environmentally friendly practices across all its operations.

Toyota Golden Peacock Award 2021

The Award was presented to Mr. Raju B Ketkale, Executive Vice President (EVP)- Manufacturing at TKM, by the Director-General of Golden Peacock Awards Secretariat, Institute of Directors.

TKM has been bestowed this award as a recognition of its commitment towards the creation of a climate-resilient society guided by Toyota’s 2050 Carbon Neutrality Commitment. It reaffirms Toyota’s responsibility towards the creation of a climate-resilient society in ‘harmony with nature’. The company has previously been recognized with the coveted award in 2019 for Energy Efficiency and for Excellence in CSR in 2015.

Toyota Innova Crysta Front Right Banner

In order to ensure energy efficiency, Toyota has implemented several Kaizen measures including the installation of in-house solar power plants at roof tops and ground in its facility in Bidadi, which has a combined capacity of 8.2MW of electricity. Toyota also sources energy from outside solar parks and open access sourcing. TKM’s renewable energy sourcing has increased from 15% in FY 15-16 to 94% in FY20-21. TKM aims to further excel in FY21-22 by utilizing the Renewable Energy business vertical to scale up and promote the same among the supply chain, and by utilizing the Toyota EcoZone to share knowledge among all stakeholders and community.

Golden Peacock Awards (GPA) is a set of prestigious national and global awards designed to improve productivity and quality in organizations. It aims to promote business excellence by providing a Framework or Criteria for assessment that is based on similar principles as other awards throughout the world. This award instituted by the Institute of Director in 1991, is now regarded as a benchmark of Corporate Excellence.

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