Lexus RX to Come with Faux Leather Steering Wheel by Toyoda

26/12/2022 - 15:30 | ,  ,  ,   | IAB Team

Lexus RX is the first vehicle to come with Toyoda's new faux leather steering wheel.

Toyota Lexus Rx Steering Wheel

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has developed a luxurious faux leather steering wheel for users who prefer leather-free products that do not use real animal leather. Needs for such products are rising out of concerns for animal welfare and the environment. Toyoda Gosei’s new faux leather steering wheels will first be used in a leather-free package for Toyota Motor Corporation’s Lexus RX.

Toyoda Gosei is developing a range of automotive materials and decorative technologies to respond to diverse market needs. For steering wheels, the company has a lineup of luxury specifications using real leather and real wood in addition to general urethane products.

The steering wheels to be used on the Lexus RX were developed in cooperation with Seiren Co., Ltd., and achieve a feel suitable for premium cars while using faux leather. A special coating is applied to the surface to give a smoother and softer feel while also preventing surface deterioration from components in sweat or cosmetics.

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