This Renault Plant Will Produce & Export Pure EVs Starting 2025

14/11/2023 - 14:40 | Renault,   | IAB Team

After launching its own hybrid range in 2024, Renault Korea Motors (RKM) announces the next step in enlarging its role as hub for exports while reaching an agreement with Polestar. Polestar 4, a pure electric vehicle, is planned to be manufactured in Busan plant by second half of 2025.

The agreement has been reached between Polestar, Geely Group and Renault Korea Motors (RKM) for the production of Polestar 4 vehicles, at RKM’s plant in Busan for the North American and domestic South Korean markets.

Located with direct access to exporting ports, the Busan plant has approximately 2,000 employees with renowned for 23 years of excellence in vehicle manufacturing. The Busan plant, which holds the esteemed position of ranked #1 in vehicle quality for the domestic market.

Since 2022, Renault Korea has been focusing on producing high-end electric D and E segment cars for both domestic and international markets. The Busan plant has an annual capacity of 300,000 units and is recognized for its top-quality performance, ranking among the leading domestic OEMs for initial quality over the past 2 years.

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