This Porsche EV Beats Tesla Plaid's Nurburgring Lap Record by a Huge Margin

03/01/2024 - 13:35 | Porsche,   | IAB Team

It is only the beginning of 2024 and Porsche has already started breaking records. Germans! As per a video uploaded on YOUCAR's YouTube channel, a Porsche EV has just beaten the Nurburgring lap record of the Tesla Plaid.

It was a "Pre-Series" Porsche Taycan which was being driven by Porsche development driver Lars Kern who knows the legendary circuit like the back of his hand.

With his skills and the EV's capabilities, Kern was able to cross the line in 7:07.55 and beat the 7:33 lap time set by a Taycan Turbo S in 2022 as well as smashes Tesla Plaid's Nurburgring lap record of 7:25.23.

While the Porsche EV was indeed fast, it wasn't quick enough to beat Rimac Nevera hypercar's time of 7:05.29.

Details about the "Pre-Series" Porsche Taycan are scarce at the moment, however, one thing is for sure, it is certainly undergoing some serious testing and development. It is being said that more details about this Porsche EV are expected to come to light later this year.

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