This Large 7-Seater MPV is XPENG's Flagship Model for China

02/03/2024 - 10:00 | Electric vehicles,  ,   | IAB Team

Xpeng, a leading Chinese smart electric vehicle company, announced the official launch of the Xpeng X9 large 7-seater MPV, a flagship model built on its next-generation technology architecture SEPA2.0, for the Chinese market.

Xpeng X9 Mpv Launch

Empowered by the cutting-edge SEPA2.0 architecture, the Xpeng X9 redefines the conventional norms of MPV models in the market. With industry-leading innovations in design, intelligence, space, handling and safety, the X9 seamlessly meets the varied needs of every family member, ushering in a new era of automotive excellence. Created as an ultra-smart large 7-seater, the Xpeng X9 can “transform” into a spacious 4-seater SUV with just one click, providing a driving experience more comfortable than an MPV and greater flexibility than an SUV.

Unrivaled intelligence

The Xpeng X9, equipped with Xpeng’s full-scenario XNGP ADAS and next-generation smart in-car operating system, XOS Tianji, revolutionizes and spearheads intelligent technology in China.

Xpeng X9 Mpv Adas

XNGP ADAS can handle multiple driving scenarios from starting the car through parking at a destination, regardless of the high-definition (HD) map coverage availability. With XNGP, Xpeng has achieved the ultimate form of ADAS before fully autonomous driving is realized.

XOS Tianji offers a comprehensive suite of smart in-car functionality, transforming the intelligent cabin in the era of AI large models. It features multi-tasking on a single screen, a customizable XDock, real-time SR (surrounding reality) display, all-round safety warnings, and an AI-empowered smart voice assistant. XOS Tianji stands as a sophisticated in-car companion and automotive expert for daily use.

Xpeng X9 Mpv Interior

Luxurious, spacious interior

The Xpeng X9 is designed to meet the needs of both individual and family travel, offering class-leading in-car floor space of 7.7mtr sq. Even with seven passengers on board, it can accommodate camping and sports equipment. The third-row seats can be electrically folded with a single click, expanding the boot space to an impressive 2,554L – spacious enough for 29 20″ suitcases.

Beyond its in-car hot and cold smart refrigerator, 21.4″ family infotainment system display, and zero-gravity reclining sofas, the Xpeng X9 also introduces the world’s first wrap-around integrated central AC, providing a quiet and gentle breeze – all of which enable the X9 to cater to every passenger’s needs in the car.

Xpeng X9 Mpv Seats

Enhanced safety

Forged by the world’s largest mass-produced die-casting machine with 12,000 tons of clamping force, the Xpeng X9 adopts the industry’s first front- and rear-integrated aluminum die-casting body structure with an impressive torsional rigidity of 46,000 N·m/deg. Also, the Xpeng X9 features a 2,000 MPa safety cage and incorporates 19 ring-shaped safety designs. Its body structure is a fusion of various high-strength steels and lightweight aluminum materials, satisfying the safety standards of China, the US and Europe for rear collisions.

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