This is the Only Nissan GT-R that Most of us Would be Able to Afford

31/12/2023 - 12:44 | ,  ,   | IAB Team

The Nissan GT-R is a dream buy for all car enthusiasts. While its smile per cost ratio is justified, owning one is a bit far-fetched reality for most of us. But there is one kind of R34 Skyline that we can purchase.

Nissan Gt R R34 Skyline Front Quarter Tissue Box

It is a Nissan GT-R tissue box! Apparently, it is an officially licensed piece of Nissan merch from and is sold as a "wet tissue case". We can see in the images that the replica does look pretty neat.

Nissan Gt R R34 Skyline Right Side Tissue Box

The R34 Skyline tissue box features neat-looking alloy wheels through which we can also see the brake calipers. The attention to detail is undoubtedly commendable. We also like how nicely the headlight and taillight have been created. And of course, we have the rear spoiler too.

Nissan Gt R R34 Skyline Tissue Box Silver

To take out a tissue, you need to open the Nissan GT-R model's roof. The tissue box is available in different colours like blue, silver and black. To check out its price and delivery details to your location, you can visit the page here.

Nissan Gt R R34 Skyline Tissue Box Black

Give us a couple of tissues to wipe our tears though.

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