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11/01/2024 - 17:11 | Honda,  ,   | IAB Team

Honda took the spotlight at CES 2024 by revealing its highly anticipated 0 Series of electric cars, showcasing both a sedan and a van. Amid the sleek designs and cutting-edge technology, it was the distinct change in the Honda logo that captured the attention of onlookers.

New Honda Logo

The Japanese automaker confirmed that the revamped badge is a precursor to the branding on its upcoming electric vehicles. However, ambiguity surrounds whether Honda will debut the new "H" logo with the 0 Series of EVs or reserve it for a subsequent model year of the Prologue in the interim. The debut of Honda's 0 Series EVs is slated for 2026, with a global launch in various markets.

The existing Honda emblem, in use since a redesign in 1981, has undergone subtle alterations over the years, including added colors and a three-dimensional effect. Nonetheless, its fundamental shape and proportions have remained unchanged for over four decades—until now.

New Honda Logo Honda Saloon Ev

The fresh design introduces an "H" shape reminiscent of the original Honda badge, featuring top prongs stretched wider than the lower prongs, forming a distinctive wedge shape. Honda explains that this new emblem symbolizes "two outstretched hands," signifying a departure from the long-standing logo.

The question of whether Honda's future EVs will adopt traditional performance designations like "Type R" remains unanswered. Such designations, often accompanied by a red background behind the Honda "H," have been a hallmark of performance-oriented models since the early 1960s.

In addition to the logo change, the 0 Series of EVs will also embrace Honda's new typeface, first introduced with the Prologue SUV. Described as representing "modern and clean design," this new font has already made its way onto the Prologue's rear end, replacing the traditional Honda "H" badge (though the front badge remains unchanged), signaling a shift towards a contemporary visual identity for Honda's electric vehicle lineup.


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