Test Drive - Ford Ikon TDCi initial impressions

18/07/2009 - 12:52 | ,  ,  ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Ford Ikon TDCi preview-3

The Ikon was Ford's premium offering many years back, preferred by the rich and the elite, it was the car to be seen in and sold in large numbers. Since the introduction of the Fiesta, that has changed and most of us till it was re-introduced last year, believed it would meet its end.

The Fiesta TDCI engine has been transplanted into the aging Ikon in place of the old 1.8 Diesel. The overall result is the Ford Ikon TDCI with a new face and minor tweaks to its interiors and a price slash, now positioned to pull customers looking at cars like the Suzuki Swift Dzire and even the likes of the Hyundai Verna.

Ford Ikon TDCi preview-1

With the cat eye headlamps and rest of the front end following Ford's "Kinetic Design" philosophy, the Ikon's face is cleaner and sharper. The rear gets a new bumper and much better looking tail lamp.

As we step in, we are welcomed by bright interior, very different from the reception of the previous Ikon. It is the steering and the dashboard, who follow a new dark brown color code although the shape or the design is left untouched, the underlying reason for the freshness. The firm seats, which are to our liking are in beige - a mix of art leather and fabric is used.

Ford Ikon TDCi preview-5

Behind the wheel, you sit low and feel the absence of the height adjuster.  The front passenger gets an extra bit of knee room thanks to the concave dashboard. The glovebox is very deep; if you are a car diner you would appreciate the cup holders on the inside of the lid when opened.

Stereo has a Bluetooth-ready MP3 player and the sound quality is OK. The layout of the cabin remains the same, hence the very comfortable seating at the back is left untouched.

Ford Ikon TDCi preview-4

The change comes in the form of an engine. Only the power and torque ratings could add a splash of fun to the Ikon's life. Whether or not it happens will be discussed during the full road test.

Ford Ikon TDCi preview-2

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