Tata Winger Modified Into A Luxury Van

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The Tata Winger is one of the most versatile and practical people movers currently on sale in the country. With seating capacity for up to 14 people, the Tata Winger is a favorite among fleet operators. However, you don't see a Winger being used as a personal vehicle very often, not until you own a Winger quite like the one featured here in this video. Here's a fantastic example of a Tata Winger that has been modified to be a luxury van. In can give some well renowned luxury cars a run for their money.

With a luxurious cabin being a highlight of this Winger, let's start with the interior. On opening the sliding doors, you immediately notice that this Winger has been completely stripped of its many seats and now the interior is draped in luxurious leather, wooden trims, several screens and two fantastic captain seats. From 14, this Winger is just down to 4 seats, but one be assured that all four passengers will be travelling in utmost comfort in this modified Tata Winger.

Starting with the seats, this Winger comes fitted with two luxurious, almost sofa-like captain seats on one side and two more regular seats on the opposite side. The captain chairs themselves come with recline function and extendable thigh and leg support, and can almost be converted into a bed. All four seats come wrapped in good quality leather. In fact, the entire interior has been specced with soft-touch materials and faux wood trims. The entire flooring is made out of wood.

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Other nifty touches inside the cabin include smart storage spaces under the seats, cup holders for all four seats, reading lamps for the captain chairs and even a rear-view monitor for the passengers. The ceiling of this Winger comes with bespoke LED lighting and an aftermarket AC unit with the compressor sitting on top of the roof. It also gets two TV screens on either side and an aftermarket high-end sound system. One of the most convenient features of this modified Winger has to be its foldable table top. With luxury the focus of this Winger, it also gets an improved suspension setup for comfortable ride quality, that being the only mechanical modification.

Tata Winger 15S exterior
The Tata Winger has been a pretty popular people's mover that locks horns with the Force Traveller.

Elsewhere, this Tata Winger also gets a privacy screen that separates the passenger compartment from the driver area. It can be operated with a touch of a button. Exterior modifications include a set of blacked-out aftermarket alloy wheels, a bull-bar at the front and a unique paint shade that makes it stand out. In the driver compartment, the driver gets an additional screen for the rear-view camera, new AC units, an intercom for communicating with the passengers and two additional front seats as well. This is a 2010 model of the Tata Winger with a mileage of roughly about 19,000 to 20,000 km.

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