Tata Magic Iris

Tata Magic Iris is a minivan produced by Tata Motors in 2010. The Magic Iris was meant to replace other auto-rickshaws. This model was discontinued because it didn't meet the new emission norm. Read for more details about the now-discontinued Tata Magic Iris.

Tata Magic Iris

In the past, Tata Motors had introduced a few low-priced small cars. At one time, the homegrown car brand had manufactured the cheapest cars in the world – Tata Nano. In a similar attempt, Tata once produced a small minivan called Tata Magic Iris. At the moment Tata Magic Iris was discontinued due to the new emission norms and stricter safety regulation. Around this time, Tata Motors also pull the plug off other low volume vans like Tata Magic, Tata Magic Antra, Magic Express. The main reason for the discontinuation of these model is their poor safety equipment. Most of these models are meaner in terms of safety. They missed out on the basic safety features like dual-front airbags, speed warning systems, reverse parking sensors and seat-belt reminder.

Tata Magic Iris Three Quarter Front
Tata Magic Iris is no longer on sale in India

Tata Magic Iris Dimensions

The small people carrier measure 2,960 mm in length. The width and height are 1,512 mm and 1,800 mm respectively. The minivan sits on a wheelbase of 1,650 mm.

Tata Magic Iris Powertrain

Tata Magic Iris was powered by a 600cc one-cylinder diesel engine that produced 11 BHP and 31 Nm. With this small engine, the top speed of the car stood at 34 kmph. It got a 4-speed manual transmission.

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