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Toyota still undecided on setting up a diesel engine plant

The government’s policy of subsidizing diesel is creating an imbalance in the car market and increasing the demand for diesel cars. Cost of running petrol cars are increasing with every hike, shooing away the prospective buyers. Per kilometer cost

Toyota not interested to join the ‘Low cost brand’ race

Nissan is all gung-ho about the revival of the Datsun brand for the emerging markets. The idea is to make cars that are light, fuel efficient and aggressively priced to boost volumes. Volkswagen also sniffed the opportunity and is finalizing the details

Volkswagen snatches the #2 position from Toyota

VW plans to dominate the world by 2018 are surely on track with the company claiming to be the number 2 manufacturer of the world. According to Car Advice, VW sold 8.16 million units in 2011 whereas Toyota sold 7.9 million thus making VW the second biggest

Toyota named the World’s Greenest Brand

The tussle between the Auto Manufacturers and Environmentalists has existed since a long time. The environmentalists believe that because of auto manufacturers global warming is increasing at an alarming rate and they will be the sole reason for the world’s

Official: Toyota Liva bows out on 27th June

The details are out of the first contender of the three major hatchbacks (Liva, Brio & Swift) that are expected to hit Indian Auto Market in 2011. It is official – The Toyota Liva will grace us all on the 27th of this month in Delhi. The much anticipated

Toyota looks at bringing Lexus to India

After rumors of Nissan planning to bring the Infiniti brand to India, it was only time that Toyota announces the Lexus brand in India. India and China are two of the most lucrative markets for luxury cars right now. Most international brands are making

Report: Tsunami’s effect on Indian Auto Market

At the outset, Team IAB would extend our heartfelt condolences to all our friends and their families in Japan and wish them a speedy recovery. God has shown his horrific side to Japan. The devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last week has

Rendering? – Third Generation Toyota Innova

What you see in the picture above is the creativity of Toyota's Tokyo Design Studio folks. This is an illustration of how radical utility vehicles and minivans could look in the future. The artists got their inspiration from Japan's Bullet train

Toyota focused on customer service in US

Toyota Camry - causing more problems for Toyota in US Toyota is completely focused on customer service in the US. That is definitely good. Providing the best customer service is key to growth and loyalty. Bob Carter, Vice President, Toyota Group remarked

Random Thoughts – Is Toyota going backwards?

The series of recalls recently will divert Toyota's attention towards earlier cars If you list out some of the reasons for an auto company to grow and sustain growth - Quality, new car development and brand reputation would be there on that list. At

Scoop – Yamaha and Toyota’s hybrid two-wheeler

Looks like Yamaha could pip Honda in making the world's first hybrid motorcycle. Introducing the Yamaha-Toyota "Prius" powered by a 20bhp petrol engine coupled to an electric motor. The hybrid motorcycle dubbed Prius, will use a water-cooled engine