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Tesla Model S (facelift) front three quarters right side at Auto China 2016

2016 Tesla Model S – Auto China 2016

Facelift brings HEPA filtration system to the Model S. Along with the Tesla Model X, Tesla showcased the new Tesla Model S (facelift) at Auto China 2016 (2016 Beijing Motor Show). The facelifted Tesla Model S sees a subtle update over the front with a

New Tesla Model S (facelift) front three quarters

Tesla Model S facelift seen in real life – Video

Features Tesla Model X-like front-end. The Tesla Model S, originally launched in June 2012, was introduced in an updated avatar last week. The minor facelift brought the Tesla Model S’s exterior closer to that of the Tesla Model X crossover launched

Tesla Model S old vs. new comparision

Tesla Model S facelift – Old vs. New

Just weeks after the Tesla Model 3’s debut, Tesla has given a minor facelift to the Tesla Model S. Here’s how the new Tesla Model S compares with the old Tesla Model S. Up front, the Tesla Model S has got a face similar to the Tesla Model

Tesla Model S spotted in Malaysia

Tesla Model S spotted in Malaysia – Spied

Comes with a large 17-inch touchscreen. The Tesla Model S electric vehicle has been spotted in Malaysia by Mr. Christopher, a reader of Paultan. The car is not on sale in Malaysia, and has been clicked without any camouflage. What makes this picture interesting


Report – Tesla looking to enter India next year

Elon Musk-founded Tesla Motors is looking to enter markets beyond the United States and Europe. The California based electric carmaker is eyeing Asian markets, especially India. Speaking to Economic Times, Tesla’s chief financial officer, Deepak

Rinspeed XchangE at Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Live – Rinspeed XchangE based on Tesla Model S

Swiss-based company, Rinspeed, has presented an autonomous driving vehicle called the XchangE at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The Rinspeed XchangE is based on a Tesla Model S and looks similar to it on the outside, however, that’s where the similarities