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Renault’s Swift beater is codenamed B58

The Telegraph has reported that Renault's forthcoming hatchback for the B and B+ segment in India is codenamed B58. We have gone through details of the B+ hatchback on previous occasions. Here's a round up of what we know about this elusive city car -1)

Render – Renault V-Platform B+ segment hatchback

Renault's V-Platform hatchback is taking shape for an Auto Expo 2012 launch. The branding of the product is being worked on and the name will be revealed to the media either in late 2011 or in Delhi during the launch. Renault has designed this product

Renault V-Platform hatchback is a B+ segment product

Renault's V-Platform hatchback seen here is waiting under a car cover to protect it not only from dust, but also prying eyes until its official unveiling at the Auto Expo next year. Higher officials at Renault said the product will be positioned in the

Details – 2012 Renault hatchback not Clio or Sandero

If you look at Renault’s product map on its website, you will find a mystery hatchback to be launched in Summer 2012. Some say it’s a Clio, others believe it is a Sandero. But IAB can tell you its neither.So what is it then?A sub-4 meter hatchback

Rendering – Renault’s V-Platform hatch and sedan

Renault is secretly working on an affordable hatchback and sedan on the V-Platform in the next three to four years. While we are not sure if the hatchback based on the V-Platform for India will be the next generation Clio, we're somewhat convinced that