So Mazda' interested in setting up Indian base?

20/04/2011 - 12:19 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Japan' 5th largest car manufacturer has shown interest in taking part in the Indian auto market. Three Japanese car companies have made major announcements in India over the last eighteen months - Renault-Nissan inaugurated the $1 billion Oragadam car plant, Toyota introduced its Etios low-cost car and promised to introduce the even cheaper hatchback by June and Honda' toying with the idea of cashing in on the festive season spirit with its pint-size Brio city hatch.

Mazda 2 India

India's most powerful car manufacturer is another Japanese company, so Mazda, if anything, had the feeling of being left out all this while.

Mr. Takashi Yamanouchi, President and CEO, Mazda Motor Corporation -

We have a bouquet of compact cars like the Mazda – 2 and sedans that are suited for the bulk of Indian customers who prefer small and fuel efficient vehicles. We are yet to finalise our strategy for any joint venture or a fully owned subsidiary. All depends on the kind of cars that are viable for the Indian market.

Mazda with its Indian partner Punjab Tractors is selling a range of commercial and special-purpose vehicles for the last eighteen years. Heading to India is not voyaging into uncharted waters for Mazda.

The Mazda 2 hatchback is based on the Ford Fiesta platform. Hopes were drowned after Ford expressed doubts over the odds of Fiesta hatch making it here. Perhaps Mazda can answer the prayers of all Fiesta hatch lovers with the Mazda 2?

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