Skoda Vision 7S Concept Car Exterior Design Sketches Released

25/08/2022 - 08:37 | Skoda,   | IAB Team

Skoda has released the official exterior design sketches of its Vision 7S concept car. The images show us some of the key features of the vehicle and also further details of Skoda's new design language.

Skoda Vision 7s Concept Car Front Right

The front of the Skoda Vision 7S concept car has a prominent headlamp design, along with the LED DRLs, forming a T shape. The front grille is dark and there are vertical slats below it. The centre slat has been finished in orange for an eye-catching look.

One of the primary highlights of this design is the alloy wheels. They appear to be aerodynamically designed and emphasise the Skoda Vision 7S concept car's powerful visual appearance.

Skoda Vision 7s Concept Car Rear

The side profile has a sloping roofline with an integrated roof-mounted spoiler at the back. There are clean and clear lines on the side body. The door handles are also neatly integrated into the body.

Skoda’s new design language reflects familiar brand values, such as robustness, functionality and authenticity, and stands out with its spacious interior, durable, sustainable materials and aerodynamic, efficient body.

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