Skoda Testing New Train Warning Feature to Improve Road Safety

07/12/2022 - 11:17 | Skoda,   | IAB Team

Skoda is trialling a new feature in its Traffication infotainment app. The latest version of the app, which is being tested in a pilot project in the Czech Republic, now warns of approaching trains, reducing the risk of accidents at level crossings. This feature complements other functions in the Traffication app, such as warning of wrong-way drivers and alerting the driver to the risk of inadvertently entering a motorway against the flow of traffic, to further improve road safety.

Skoda Train Warning Feature Testing 2

Safety first

Skoda is continually adding clever real-time solutions to enhance road safety. In collaboration with the Czech railway company Leo Express, Skoda is offering a new feature in its Traffication infotainment app as part of a pilot project. Customers already using the app can download the update now. An update notification will appear in the infotainment notification centre. Similarly, the in-car shop will show that an update is available. The app will be installed after being confirmed by the user.

Cloud-based solution

Real-time train locations are regularly transmitted to the cloud, which then communicates the information to any Skoda vehicle using the Traffication infotainment app near a level crossing with a train approaching. The warning about the approaching train is shown on the central infotainment display along with an acoustic and pop-up notification. Skoda is already working on integrating other railway companies across Europe, while discussions with several others are ongoing.

Skoda Train Warning Feature Testing 1

Easy download

Traffication is available for download from the in-car shop and online in the Skoda Connect shop. It can be installed in all current Skoda models apart from the ENYAQ iV, provided the vehicle is equipped with the top infotainment system from the third-generation Modular Infotainment Matrix. The app then runs automatically in the background without the driver having to switch it on. It immediately shows warnings on the central infotainment display whenever drivers encounter traffic hazards in their immediate vicinity.

More than trains: slippery roads and bad weather

Besides the newly added warnings of approaching trains, the app already displays other types of warnings either from traffic information providers or directly from Skoda cars. Traffication can warn drivers of severe weather, bad road conditions, or accidents ahead. In addition, the app can detect a wrong-way driver joining a motorway against the traffic flow and warn other drivers of the potential danger. Poor visibility can be identified, for example by Skoda vehicles switching the fog lights on, and this information is sent to the cloud. In addition, Skoda drivers can manually report traffic hazards to the cloud with a single click to warn all other Skoda drivers using Traffication. The app is now available in 32 European countries and issues warnings in 23 languages.

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