Shell India launches Lubematch app for mobiles and tablets

04/05/2013 - 16:12 | Specials | Shakti Budhiraja

Today, at an event in Delhi, Shell India launched an application for mobiles and tablets called “Lubematch”. Presided by Nitin Prasad, MD, Shell India, the event took place amongst the bunch of bloggers, no other media was invited, highlighting the fact and dominance of online media in the current world.

Shell Lubematch mobile app home pageShell Lubematch mobile app processing

About the application:

  • The app is designed to help you fetch and know about the right combination of oils for your vehicle.
  • The app is currently available only on Android and IOS and could also be made available for windows at a later stage but no plans to launch it for Blackberry operating systems.
  • The app consumes internet data which is provided by your telecom operator.
  • The app currently has a database search for across 70,000 models, variants and platforms across India, with updates it would gradually increase to 1,50,000 which is the approximate number of models, variants and platforms of all the automobiles running in the country.

Shell Lubematch mobile app vehicle selectionShell Lubematch mobile app menu

Run through the app:

  • Hit the app and you will be greeted by the safety message of “Not to operate the app while driving or operating machinery” at the bottom of the opening page.
  • The main page is divided into tiled sections to search through your requisite area.
  • Hit the Shell Lubematch tile at the top left and you will be greeted by the page which shows the list of Vehicles / Equipment type, select your vehicle, variant or model. You will be then shown a page which gives all the details and right set of lubes for your vehicle.
  • 'Last searched' tile shows the list of your last searched vehicles.
  • On the 'Favourites' tile you can add your favourite set of machinery.

Shell Lubematch mobile app tilesShell Lubematch mobile app car info

What Indian Autos Blog left wanting:

  • Though the app already has wide list of database it still lacks some sub variants of the same model.
  • We would have also liked a page or an section where we can search or find the nearest place or a dealer to buy the oil of suggested match.

Check out the image gallery of the Shell Lubematch

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