REVA interested in Fiat's Sicily Plant

27/01/2010 - 08:38 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

With this move, REVA could produce electric cars from Italy as well

Fiat's Sicily plant which once was believed to have attracted attention from Tata Motors, is now being connected to the world's largest electric vehicle makers REVA.

The REVA Electric Car Company wants to franchise its business.  It wishes to setup plants across the globe rather than having one base.

Keith Johnston, Reva Electric car company -

Our strategy is to regionalize the assembly of electric cars, and we are seeking venture partners who can access expertise and funds around the world. We are involved in several early stage discussions and no decision has been taken with regards to locations or partners

Reports indicate REVA could jointly bid for the plant with Simone Cimino, a Sicilian financier.

The Sicily plant produces Fiat Panda and Lancia Musa. Fiat has decided last year to shut down this plant as production costs rocketed towards the moon. Some 2,500 employees are said to be affected by this move.

The Sicilian government is keen to reduce dependence on oil and its agenda is mostly got to do with electric vehicles and setting up a proper infrastructure for them.

Source - Autocar UK

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