Peugeot e-3008: Next-Level Electric Fastback SUV

12/09/2023 - 18:52 | ,  ,  ,  ,   | IAB Team

By 2025, Peugeot will offer the widest range of electric cars of any generalist brand in Europe, and as of now, Peugeot is replacing its best-seller with an all-new electric fastback SUV: the Next-Level E-3008.

Peugeot E 3008 Electric Suv Front

Peugeot has transformed the E-3008, taking to a whole new level the creativity of its design and the driving pleasure and electric performance. The Next-Level Peugeot E-3008 will be produced exclusively at the Sochaux plant in France and will be on sale from February 2024. The range will be based on two trim levels, Allure and GT, with 3 option packs to keep the choices simple, and three all-electric powertrains (210bhp, 230bhp Long Range and 320bhp Dual Motor (4-wheel drive). Hybrid powertrains will also be available, according to market.

The new E-3008 is immediately recognisable by its fastback SUV styling. With its dynamic and aerodynamic shape (Cx 0.28), the new E-3008 combines elegance, efficiency and spaciousness. The grille of the new E-3008 illustrates the electric genes of this model. The E-3008 GT comes as standard with Peugeot’s new Pixel LED technology, which automatically adapts the headlamp beam to traffic conditions, maintaining optimum lighting without disturbing other road users.

The promise of innovation and elegance on the outside of the E-3008 also extends to the inside. The new Peugeot Panoramic i-Cockpit takes driving pleasure to the next level. It is made up as standard of two 10-inch digital screens integrated into a single panel in the panoramic display, giving the same floating effect as the 21-inch panel. The GT is fitted as standard with a 21-inch screen.

Designed from the outset as an electric model, the new E-3008 benefits from a range of 3 zero-emission all-electric powertrains (WLTP cycle under approval) to meet all customer needs. This new generation of permanent magnet synchronous motors offers more power and greater efficiency. The 2-wheel drive versions deliver 157kW (343Nm) or 170kW (343Nm). The Dual Motor 4-wheel drive version delivers a total of 240kW (157kW-343Nm at the front and 83Kw-166Nm at the rear).

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