opel astra

Opel Astra was once a popular compact family car from Opel. Opel Astra has been discontinued in India but it's still going strong in the world. Check the Opel Astra latest update, features, specs, launch and price.

1. What Is Opel Astra?

Opel Astra is a compact family car manufactured by the German carmaker Opel. First launched in 1991, the Opel Astra has reached its fifth generation now. The car was originally launched in September 1991 in sedan, hatchback and station wagon versions.

Opel Astra front angle

The Opel Astra was resembled for the market under the joint venture of Birla Companies in 1996. It was General Motor’s first C-segment sedan in India. The production of the India-spec Opel Astra stopped in 2002. The Opel brand has been also discontinued in India from 2006 and replaced by Chevrolet. There were various reasons behind the discontinuation, one of which was the bad customer service.

2. Is Opel Astra A Good Car?

The Opel Astra was a good car. At the time of its launch, it offered some top-notch features along with a potent engine option. There was a 1.6-litre engine that receives the fuel from a 53-litre petrol fuel tank, churning out 76 BHP of power and 121 Nm of torque. It came with a manual transmission option. The car was capable of accelerating from 0 – 100 kmph in 15.8 seconds that sounds extremely ridiculous back in the days.

Opel Astra Specifications

Opel Astra Specs

Engine Size 1,679 cc  1,705 cc
Engine Type Fuel Injected, inline, naturally aspirated (C16NZ) Indirect Injection, inline, turbocharged (X17DTL)
No. of Cylinders 4 4
Max. Power 72 PS 69 PS
Max. Torque 125 Nm 132 Nm
Gearbox 5-Speed Manual/5-Speed Automatic 5-speed Manual

3. Why Did Opel Astra Fail In India?

As mentioned above, there were a lot of reasons for the failure of Opel Astra in India. The primary reason is popularity. While Opel Asta had to compete with some redoubtable models like Honda City and Mitsubishi Lancer at that time, the car failed to gather enough fan-follower in India. Also, the Indian buyers was fearing to experience new thing like the Opel Astra and they would like the stay with the famous brands before Opel arrived. On the other hand, the poor customer service was also attributed to the failure of the Opel Astra in the country.

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