New Fiat Topolino: Electrifying Urban Mobility With a Unique Taste of Dolce Vita

05/07/2023 - 19:06 | Fiat,   | IAB Team

FIAT continues its mission to develop sustainable mobility for the cities and turn them into relaxing playgrounds where driving becomes an easy and sustainable experience accessible to all. Such an objective becomes a reality thanks to the new Fiat Topolino, a joyful and cool new electric car for everyone, for families and even the youngest, since the minimum age to drive it – depending on the market – is 14 years old. An eclectic electric vehicle which will fit any moment and any place, offering plenty of usage ways.

New Fiat Topolino Front Quarter

Topolino is an ideal solution for urban and short-range mobility, able to access anywhere thanks to its electric nature. A homage to the brand’s history and its ability to innovate with likability and coolness, it perfectly embodies the New Dolce Vita style and pure Italian beauty.

With truly unique accessories – such as the little shower, which makes it the perfect beach essential - a fresh design, and the ability to drive it from age 14 and up, the New Fiat Topolino also embraces a new target audience.

New Fiat Topolino Rear Quarter

In addition, it perfectly embodies FIAT’s commitment to sustainability: thanks to its electric nature, it provides reduced carbon footprint and reduced sound footprint, respecting the sustainability of urban centers. Its extremely small size does not impact traffic, on the contrary, it makes the Topolino the perfect urban mobility device.

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