MG Motor India's Upcoming Smart EV Christened as the Comet

02/03/2023 - 15:04 | MG,   | IAB Team

MG Motor India has announced the name of its upcoming Smart EV as ‘Comet’. The name derives inspiration from the iconic 1934 British airplane which participated in the England-Australia MacRobertson Air Race.

Mg Comet Ev Logo

The ‘Comet’ is here at a time when driving in congested urban cities is becoming a stressful chore that calls for an urgent need for agile and futuristic solutions amidst skyrocketing fuel costs, sparse parking spaces, and increasing pollution.

Electric vehicles can help reduce environmental impact, save costs, and offer convenience as well as comfort. The ‘Comet’ goes a step further to achieve this goal by providing seamless mobility, which is connected, automatic, electric and shared.

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