Maruti Baleno 15 Years Ownership Experience

25/06/2021 - 09:43 | ,   | Jatin

Many of you may not know that Maruti Baleno was among the first premium sedans launched in India. In our market, it was introduced back in the late 90s and meant to rub shoulders with the likes of Ford Escort and Opel Astra. The Maruti Baleno sedan was one of those sedans, which was way ahead of its time. Earlier, Maruti Baleno offered as a sedan and a station wagon. The Baleno Altura was the station wagon version, which was not able to grab a good market share. In India, we can still see some well-kept examples of the Maruti Baleno sedan. Here’s one such YouTube video, where a person shares his 15-year experience with the premium sedan.

This video has been uploaded by a channel named Talking Cars. The Maruti Baleno you see here is the 2006 model of the sedan, and one of the presenters you see in the video is the owner. The owner bought this Maruti Baleno new in 2006. Since then, he is using it as a daily driven car. Firstly, both presenters start by talking about the looks of the vehicle. In the video, they can be heard saying that Maruti Baleno has a polarising design language, and they did not like it when it was introduced in India.

Front Side Fascia Of Maruti Baleno
Seen in the video above is a BSIII 2016 Maruti Baleno which has been kept in immaculate condition over the last 15 years.

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Eventually, however, they started liking its overall styling and looks. The Maruti Baleno sedan you see here is the facelift version of the car. The pre-facelift model of the sedan was offered with different headlamps, and the grille was never launched in India. The owner says that he really likes the Baleno because of its engaging driving characteristics. It feels like a proper driver’s car. For the past 15 years, he has been servicing it from Maruti’s authorized service centre, and he has never faced any major issue with the vehicle. The owner also says that in comparison to Honda City, the engine of the Maruti Baleno sedan lacks refinements. Overall, he was satisfied with his Baleno sedan. The owner has also made subtle customizations to the car to enhance the looks and driving experience of the car.

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