MAN Receives 500 Order Enquiries for its Long-Distance Electric Trucks

04/07/2023 - 16:45 | Car news | IAB Team

With the transformation to climate-neutral drive systems, road haulage is facing a groundbreaking change. MAN will start production of its electric long-haul truck in 2024. There are already more than 500 order enquiries.

Man Electric Truck Front Quarter

Production of the new MAN eTruck will start in 2024 at the main plant in Munich. In future, it will initially come off the production line there in mixed production with conventional diesel trucks. The concept, with which around half of all trucks produced annually by MAN are to be electric by 2030, also integrates MAN’s other plants. Krakow, for example, will produce larger numbers of diesel trucks as electromobility ramps up in order to create more capacity for electric trucks in Munich.

At the Nuremberg plant, MAN will start producing its own batteries in 2025, with the aim of producing around 100,000 of them annually from 2030. Salzgitter will also play a key role in the transformation as a component plant for non-driven axles and crankshafts for the new Group engine developed jointly by all TRATON Group manufacturers. In addition, the site is responsible for MAN’s worldwide spare parts logistics, which in future will also increasingly include electric components.

Man Trucks Factory

MAN is also making intensive preparations for electromobility in the area of charging infrastructure and is setting up 1,700 high-performance charging points for trucks along major European trunk roads over the next five years in a joint venture with TRATON and other partners. In addition, MAN is already providing customers with comprehensive advice on switching to electromobility and is also offering the necessary charging infrastructure through partners.

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