500+ clicks from the soul-stirring Madras Exotic Car Show

01/04/2012 - 22:22 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Using help from three Indian Autos Blog readers, we're able to present to you 550+ images grouped into two batches of the Madras Exotic Car Show held yesterday at the MMSC race circuit in Irungattukottai, Chennai. A track day organized by Golden Homes constructors in association with the Madras Exotic Car Club also celebrated the birth of South Asia's first supercar club.

Madras Exotic Car Show - Ferrari 458 Italia

A rare track day, open to the public, provided unadulterated supercar entertainment mainly due to these two reasons

  • The cars at hand were a combination of supercars and luxury models. There was something for everyone.
  • No driver played Michael Schumacher or stamped his authority over other cars through hard or reckless driving. Unleashing a truck load of horsepower on a race track can reduce even the most experienced enthusiast behind the wheel to a second grader.

About 25 kinds of cars entertained spectators through drag races and hot laps. The cars were driven by their owners and there were no mishaps or forgettable incidents. The pick of the lot was undoubtedly the Ferrari 458 Italia, a rare example here in Chennai that belonged to the director of Golden Homes.

Madras Exotic Car Show - Aston Martin Rapide

The two hour event kept the jam-packed crowd (people climbed atop water tanks and lined up along the protection fence on the straight to get a glimpse of the action) interested all the way till the end even as the temperature soared close to 40 degrees centigrade. The well-informed gathering cheered for cars that usually sit on their mobile phone screen or desktop wallpaper as images.

Madras Exotic Car Show track action - Italia vs Gallardo

The mouth watering fleet of cars that included the Lamborghini Murceilago Gallardo, Aston Martin Rapide, BMW M3, Nissan 370Z, Porsche 911 Turbo, Jaguar XF-R, Rolls Royce Ghost and Audi R8 V10 let loose, followed by similarly spec-ed cars having a go at each other in a drag race.

Madras Exotic Car Show - Lamborghini Gallardo

The event began at half past eleven when the first convoy of supercars entered the track and to do a formation lap. The cars then retired into the pits and as each car was driven into its garage, the organizers encouraged owners to rev the engines. The engine not of the C63 AMG won the loudest applause, the burble still rings in my ears! As the cars cooled off, the media got to interact with drivers and photograph these exotics, which otherwise never come together as a group.

Madras Exotic Car Show - Jaguar XK-R

The latter half of the event was louder in both intensity and sound as the late comers 458 Italia, Aston Rapide and XF-R had joined the bandwagon. Drag races were staged between equally capable cars followed by another round where drivers were allowed to choose their competitors.

Madras Exotic Car Show track action - M3 vs C63

We're not discussing horsepower figures or time sheets, rather we'll let you go through two slideshows with 550+ photographs.

Indian Autos Blog would like to thank Gokulraj of ZapStore.com, Arvind Ravikumar of Mark Corporation, HKH and Muthu Narayan for shooting most of these images. You are rockstars and our readers are going to love your work.

Slideshow 1 - Madras Exotic Car Show - Static cars

Can't see slideshow above? Head over to the Flickr gallery page directly.

Slideshow 2 - Madras Exotic Car Show - Cars on the track

Can't see the slideshow above? Head to the Flickr Gallery page for images.

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