Lancia Brand CEO Reveals New Images of the Lancia Concept

08/04/2023 - 16:25 | Lancia,   | IAB Team

Lancia Brand CEO Luca Napolitano reveals new images of the Lancia Concept, disclosing the cozy, eclectic and sustainable interior of the Brand manifesto.

Lancia Concept Images Rear Half Top

The second image shared refers to the interior of the Concept which, consistently with the new Design Language of the Brand, recreates the interiors and the atmosphere of our Italian houses, using pure and radical geometric shapes: an unusual coffee table, the eclectic carpet and the seats inspired by the iconic Cassina armchairs.

The warm, welcoming, layered, and eclectic living space created expresses the typical feeling of our domestic environments.

Lancia Concept Images Interior

The refined interior of the vehicle is formed by sustainable material consistent with the Brand Renaissance. The ten-year strategic plan will actually make of Lancia the Brand of Stellantis with the highest percentage of recycled materials, as 50% of the touchable surfaces in future vehicles will be produced with eco-sustainable materials.

Lancia Concept Images Top View

Sustainability and redesign tradition is the basis for the comeback of the iconic panno Lancia. A material of the Brand’s tradition, the panno Lancia has now been updated with a new look thanks to a high-quality, eclectic and vibrant ochre velvet which has been made out of 100% natural fibers and produced using a certified low-emission process. The fabric has been handcrafted with Cassina’s stitching details technique.

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