Lada in 2023: 100-thousandth Car was Sold

17/05/2023 - 12:10 | Lada,  ,   | IAB Team

On May 15, 2023 the Lada sales raised beyond 100K mark that was 8K cars more compared to the sales plan for that date. A 100-thousandth car became the Lada Granta sedan. It was sold in Moscow, which is the most capacious region for the Lada brand.

Lada 100k Car Sales

Lada Granta has been the bestselling car both among the Lada brand and on the Russian market. Around 70% of Lada sales accounts for these car family. At the same time, AvtoVAZ production program is changing: Lada Vesta production output is planned to be increased and daily Granta and Vesta assembly rate will be leveled out.

Maksim Sokolov, President of “AvtoVAZ” JSC: “In spite of ongoing sanctions pressure and everyday component shipments risks AvtoVAZ confirms its plans to produce 400K cars in 2023. In May we introduced a two-shift regime on the Lada Vesta assembly line, which will enable to increase car production output in the coming months. AvtoVAZ team and its partners are constantly working to ensure stable car production putting consistently high quality level as priority”.

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