JK Tyre Develops New UX Green Tyre Made With Recycled & Renewable Materials

26/04/2023 - 14:12 | Industry News,   | IAB Team

JK Tyre has unveiled a new sustainable tyre called the "UX Green" as part of its efforts towards sustainable development. This innovative tyre delivers performance similar to that of a standard radial tyre but with a significantly lower carbon footprint. The company conducted extensive testing of the UX Green tyre in indoor and outdoor settings, as well as on test tracks, to validate its performance.

Jk Tyre Ux Green Tyre Side

The development of this environmentally friendly tyre was the result of over a decade of research conducted by JK Tyre's Global Tech Centre. The company's talented team has been working on finding alternate solutions to replace conventional petroleum-based materials with sustainable options.

Jk Tyre Ux Green Tyre Quarter

The UX Green tyre was designed and developed using recycled, renewable, and bio-based materials such as natural rubber, bio-attributed SBR and BR, bio-based oil, recycled rubber powder, recovered carbonaceous black, recycled polyester, and steel wire. Most of these materials are ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) certified, making them highly sustainable.

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