Jeep India launches ‘Mission One Earth’ to promote Responsible Adventure

22/10/2021 - 10:30 | Jeep,   | IAB Team

Jeep India has announced the launch of its flagship Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative called ‘Mission One Earth’. This initiative, through various programs, will encourage Jeep Customers and the Community to enjoy adventures responsibly.

Jeep Moe 2

Kicking off its first project under this initiative, Jeep India gathered customers and the local community of the Ladakh region, home to the legendary Himalayas, to collect 1500 kilograms of plastic waste from the roads leading to the mountain range, which is home to the highest motorable roads in the world.

This year, Mission One Earth was integrated with Jeep India’s exciting annual customer drive experience, Legendary Jeep Trails. Jeep customers drove in twenty Jeep SUVs from Shimla to Srinagar via Leh for over 2000 kms for this plastic reduction drive. Over three hundred people from the local Ladakh community participated in this initiative.

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Through this initiative, Jeep Brand placed specially designed and digitally-enabled ‘reverse vending machines’ in high-footfall tourist locations along the high altitude passes in the Himalayas. The collected plastic waste will be recycled into Jeep merchandise. Tourists who feed the reverse vending machines with plastic waste will receive a coupon which can be redeemed for environment-friendly Jeep merchandise that will be sent to the individuals directly by Jeep India. The reverse vending machines will continue to remain at these tourist locations and, will be monitored and maintained by Jeep India for a year.

Jeep brand has identified a variety of social causes that will be taken up under Mission One Earth, every year, going forward. The highlight of this campaign is to encourage customers to enjoy their adventures responsibly while maintaining the sanctity of the terrain they drive their Jeep SUVs on.

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